Schedule of Values

Timing is everything

Money makes the world go round. This is particularly true when it comes to a construction project. Think of all the different stakeholders involved and the different financial requirements of each: Employees Sub Contractors General Contractor Owners juggling the financing Consultants and Project Managers Banks (covering everyone from employee mortgages, to general contractor loans, to …

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Site photos with purpose

A good photograph is knowing where to stand – Ansel Adams How many times have you taken site photos and then once back in the office you realize that the photos are missing parts of the room, details or some other information you desperately need that minute? Have you ever sent a junior on site …

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Quick guide to cash allowances

You are designing a renovation to an airport departures terminal, and a constant problem in the design process has been the excessive amount of time required to obtain approvals and finalize details from the many stakeholders in the project (including airport authorities, security agencies, airlines and many others). You are behind schedule, the tender deadline …

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