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Long Project Timelines

RForm Bulletin 24-0303

This RForm Bulletin bulletin focuses on the long project timelines that are a significant hurdle in addressing the housing shortage. The relationship between the time it takes to build and the availability of homes is a delicate dance of resources, regulations, and workforce. By exploring the factors that contribute to these extended timelines, from securing permits to the intricacies of resource allocation and scheduling, we aim to shed light on how these challenges contribute to the scarcity of housing and what might be done to mitigate these issues, thus contributing to a solution for the Canadian housing crisis.

In this bulletin, we’re offering solutions to many common issues that arise in architecture offices big and small (intended to be useful whether you are an RForm user or not). We hope that you find it useful, and encourage you to follow the RForm blog for more business solutions.

Understand The Role of the Construction Industry with Our Free Bulletin

The construction industry is a pivotal force in the quest to mitigate the housing shortage, a challenge that has become increasingly complex in Canada. As a primary provider of new housing solutions, the industry’s role is crucial in erecting structures and shaping the future of urban and suburban landscapes. However, this mammoth task is not without its formidable obstacles.

The construction industry, often seen as the backbone of urban development, is at a crossroads with growing demands for housing and the need for rapid project completion. In such challenges, streamlining construction processes becomes beneficial and essential. The potential solutions to reduce project timelines and increase efficiency are manifold, and when implemented, they can significantly alleviate the housing shortage crisis.

Discover RForm – The Ultimate Contract Administration Software

Helping You Organize & Standardize Contract Administration Online

RForm contract administration software streamlines contract administration and increases efficiency by providing a centralized platform for all project-related documents, communications, and contract administration.  Stay organized and on top of your projects, reducing the risk of errors and delays.



Losing track of submittals on a project?

Use RForm to organize submittal logging, reviewing and tracking.

Project Files

Project Files

Is there a better way than always emailing project documents to your team?

RForm provides online file storage, accessible by anyone on your project team, anytime & from anywhere.

Changes & Payments

Changes & Payments

Sometimes COs, RFIs and Progress Claims take too much of your time.

Create, distribute, log, and approve these and other forms with a single mouse click.

Easy to learn & use

Easy to learn & use

Worried about the time it takes to learn new software?

RForm’s quickstart video can have teams up and running in 5 minutes.

RForm is the only software specifically designed for the Prime consultant on a construction project to manage the contract administration and is consistent with the AIA best practices and standards for Contract Administration.

Lydon Lynch Architects

“RForm has made our Construction Administration activities much easier. All communications are digitally bundled with sketches and relevant information is available to all parties over the web. Sorting and searching is built in, so tracking RFIs, SIs, PCOs, Transmittals, Submittals, Schedule of Values and payment certification has never been easier. Well done RForm!”

Keith Tufts, Principal, Lydon Lynch Architects

Gow Hastings Architects Inc.

“Both the client and the contractor on this project were impressed with the transparency and record keeping abilities of RForm. The contract administration process was accessible to both the team on this project and our client’s who were able to log on to RForm and determine the exact cost of the project at any given time.”

Philip Hastings, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP, Gow Hastings Architects Inc.
WGD Architects Inc.

“Because RForm keeps all information together and readily accessible, issues are dealt with immediately, creating a very narrow margin of error in the construction phase – a part of the business in which the architect often struggles for a measure of control.”

Percy Poplak, M.E.P., B. Arch., OAA, MRAIC, RIBA, Senior Associate, WGD Architects Inc.

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