In the complex world of construction, efficient administration of contracts is key to ensuring projects are undertaken on time and within budget. The RForm Construction Contract Administration software is designed to streamline this process, enhancing productivity, transparency and accountability in one fell swoop. Now, let’s zoom in on a particularly innovative feature of RForm: The Submittal and Transmittal.

Key Advantages

Embedded within the RForm software, the Submittal feature offers an array of capabilities designed to make life easier for contractors.

  1. Effortless Submissions
    Contractors can submit shop drawings with ease, with the system automatically logging each submission along with a timestamp. There’s no need to worry about misplaced documents or date tracking – RForm takes care of it all.
  2. Timely Notifications
    Team members receive reminders of upcoming review dates, ensuring that all submissions are reviewed efficiently, helping to keep projects on track.
  3. Unified Consultant Reviews
    Gathering consultant reviews is now easier than ever. All reviews are collected in one central location, facilitating collaboration and decision making.
  4. Status Indicators
    Want to quickly verify the status of each submittal? The feature includes clear status indicators for submittals that are due, overdue, or due in more than 5 days, enabling you to manage your workflow more effectively.
  5. Preset Review Responses
    Save time and effort with predefined review responses and logged actions to pick from, streamlining the review process and ensuring a consistent approach across the team.
  6. Revision Control
    In cases of resubmissions, rest assured that you’re reviewing the correct version – the software has meticulous revision control mechanisms in place.
  7. Transparent Audit Trail
    With full date tracking for an audit trail, RForm ensures transparency and accountability throughout the entire contract administration process.

Working hand in hand with Submittals is the RForm Digital Transmittal Feature for Seamless Online Record-Keeping

The Digital Transmittal feature streamlines the process of information sharing between different parties involved in a project. It functions by accurately logging all digital transmissions—sans attachments—over the internet, which aids in maintaining impeccable records.

When utilizing the Digital Transmittal feature, the system automatically forms a detailed record of all digital transmittals. The records comprise:

Sender and receiver identification, along with their roles

Date and time stamp of the transmission

Description of the data transmitted

Notes or comments relevant to the transmission, if any

In a nutshell, the Submittal and Transmittal feature embedded within RForm’s Construction Contract Administration software brings a whole new level of efficiency and transparency to contract management. Not only does it simplify administrative tasks, but it also has the potential to save contractors precious time and money. The evidence is clear: RForm’s submittal and transmittal feature is an invaluable tool for today’s contractors. Why not explore its benefits for yourself?

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