Schedule of Values and Certificates for Payment

Unlock the power of seamless construction administration with RForm Contract Administration Software! Drawing from the best practices of AIA, CCDC, and other industry giants, our platform revolutionizes your payment documentation process. With the “Certificate for Payment,” authenticate and track payments corresponding to completed tasks and stored materials, ensuring precise financial tracking.

Ditch complex accounting and embrace simplicity and accuracy with RForm. Our comprehensive tools cover every financial detail, from lien holdbacks to tax considerations. Dive into unrivaled operational efficiency with our software. Start your free trial or book a demo today and let RForm guide you to project triumph!

Streamline Certification for Payment

The Certificate for Payment feature stands as an indispensable asset for Architects. This innovative feature seamlessly connects the project’s schedule of values to the payment process.

Monitor progress of Work to date

With the ability to monitor work progress, historical claims, and the outstanding balance, the Certificate for Payment feature markedly simplifies project finance management. Its additional capabilities, such as automated calculations

Change Order Integration

The integration of change orders and directives enables project managers to adjust and track project finances in real-time, keeping a reliable log of alterations and their impact on the project’s costs.

Track Cash Allowances

Cash allowances, often an essential part of construction projects, are accounted for with precision, ensuring accurate cost estimations. Eliminate manual work and potential human error, leading to increased productivity and financial accuracy.

Designed to be human-centered, RForm is easy to read and understand.

Project teams consist of many people: owners, contractors, architects, and many others. With its simple and straightforward design, almost anyone can use RForm.

Filter and search

Find your form fast by using the built-in filtering and search.

What’s the status?

Easily see the status of any certification, as well as the value associated with it.

Easy to scan and understand

Like everything else in RForm, the language and usability is intuitive and geared towards everyone on the project.

Bring a whole new level of efficiency and transparency to your contract admin!

The Transmittals make sharing information between project members easy. It keeps a clear record of all online messages without the attachments. This helps keep track of everything perfectly.

Automatic IDs

You never ever have to number another form again. RForm automatically assigns a number to each form you create, and the entire team can use it as a reference.

Schedule a reminder

Make sure no one forgets the transmittal was sent. A daily reminder email is sent until the submittal review has been completed.

Attach your digital files

You can attach your drawings just by uploading them when you create the form. No need to do it after the form is done or in a different spot.

RForm facilitates clear communication between architects, clients, and contractors which streamlines our processes. RForm speaks our language.” 
— Courtney Healey, Architect AIBC, PUBLIC, Vancouver, BC
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Simple pricing

Can’t figure our the pricing of other Construction Contract Administration Software? RForm is priced per project with no limit on the number of project team members. Each project costs only $29.95 per month.

$29.95 per month

No limits on project size, number of project team members or data storage.

Watch how RForm can help

Want to learn more? In 20 minutes we can provide you with an overview of the software and have you up and running.

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