Dreesen Architects

“RForm makes it possible to do in 10 minutes what used to take an hour. This makes it possible to be more productive and, by being more productive, I get to be happier about my job and enjoy doing the things I like (being an architect) and less of the things I don’t like (being an admin).”

Toon Dreessen, B. Arch, OAA, MRAIC, AIA, LEED AP
Montgomery Sisam Architects

“RForm has allowed us to keep ahead of the curve on our most complex projects, as we are able to prepare and distribute documentation in less time than ever before. Our clients, as well as contractors, are appreciative of the efficiency the system brings to the construction phase of our projects.”

Joel Starkman, Architect, B.Arch, OAA, LEED™ AP, Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.
Atelier 292 Architecture Inc

“I recently spoke to some people who are working on multi-million federal contracts and they were drooling when I showed them RForm and how we are implementing it on our jobs. In our experience RForm reduced change approval process from weeks to hours.”

Pawel Fiett, Architect, B. Arch. OAA, Atelier 292 Architecture Inc.
Lydon Lynch Architects

“RForm has made our Construction Administration activities much easier. All communications are digitally bundled with sketches and relevant information is available to all parties over the web. Sorting and searching is built in, so tracking RFIs, SIs, PCOs, Transmittals, Submittals, Schedule of Values and payment certification has never been easier. Well done RForm!”

Keith Tufts, Principal, Lydon Lynch Architects
Gow Hastings Architects Inc.

“Both the client and the contractor on this project were impressed with the transparency and record keeping abilities of RForm. The contract administration process was accessible to both the team on this project and our client’s who were able to log on to RForm and determine the exact cost of the project at any given time”.

Philip Hastings, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP, Gow Hastings Architects Inc.
WGD Architects Inc.

“Because RForm keeps all information together and readily accessible, issues are dealt with immediately, creating a very narrow margin of error in the construction phase – a part of the business in which the architect often struggles for a measure of control.”

Percy Poplak, M.E.P., B. Arch., OAA, MRAIC, RIBA, Senior Associate, WGD Architects Inc.

“Utilizing RForm’s RFI feature has standardized our processes for all project stakeholders. Combined with an informative audit trail that captures comments and history, it allows for absolute transparency and effective communication. This makes RForm an indispensable tool in our Contract Administration Software suite”

Justin MacLellan,
Project Manager at Brighton Construction Inc.
FORM Architecture Engineering

“RForm makes our contract admin quicker and more efficient.”.

John Stephenson, B.Arch, OAA, MRAIC, Partner, FORM Architecture Engineering

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