RForm Construction Contract Administration software – your ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free change order management. With our Change Orders feature, you’ll gain comprehensive control over Proposed Change Orders, Change Directives, and Cash Allowances. Experience a streamlined and transparent process that will transform your construction contract administration. Here’s why RForm is the perfect choice for managing change orders:

Proposed Change Orders:

Simplify the creation and management of Proposed Change Orders, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Document change details, obtain necessary approvals, and track the status of each change order effortlessly.

Collaborate seamlessly with Contractors, Owners, and Sub-Consultants and other stakeholders, facilitating efficient communication.

Change Directives:

Efficiently handle Change Directives issued by the owner or architect, allowing for flexibility in managing unforeseen circumstances.

Streamline the creation and tracking of Change Directives, ensuring efficient communication and documentation of changes.

Easily create and manage change requests, and track the progress of each directive within the software.

Cash Allowances:

Track, allocate, and report Cash Allowance expenditures accurately, ensuring precise cost accounting.

Set up cash allowances, track expenses, report on cash allowance usage, and manage any changes or adjustments with ease.

Maintain accurate budgeting and planning with a systematic approach to managing allowances.

With RForm’s Change Orders feature, you’ll experience numerous benefits that will optimize your construction contract administration:

  • Streamlined process: From initiation to approval, RForm simplifies the entire change order process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and tedious data entry.
  • Enhanced productivity: Automate repetitive tasks and eliminate errors with RForm’s user-friendly interface, allowing your team to focus on more critical project-related activities.
  • Reliable collaboration: Foster effective collaboration among project stakeholders, enabling seamless sharing of relevant project information and updates.
  • Minimized disputes: Maintain a complete audit trail of all change order activities, reducing the risk of disputes and ensuring better control and accountability.
  • Accurate cost management: Document change orders, associated costs, and cash allowances accurately to maintain control over project costs.

In addition to the previous benefits, RForm Construction Contract Administration software takes your change order management to the next level by seamlessly integrating with the certificate for payment process. Once a change order is approved, it is automatically recorded and transferred onto the next certificate for payment, further streamlining the process. This feature offers the following advantages:

  • Improved efficiency: Eliminate the need for manual data entry and potential errors by automating the transfer of approved change orders onto the certificate for payment. This saves time and reduces administrative burdens.
  • Better accuracy: Ensure that all approved change orders are accurately reflected in the certificate for payment, reducing the risk of missed or overlooked changes.
  • Streamlined documentation: Maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date record of approved change orders, which seamlessly flows into your payment process. This simplifies financial tracking and reporting.

By integrating the change order approval process with the certificate for payment, RForm eliminates extra steps and ensures that your project documentation remains consistent and accurate. Experience the seamless flow of information and documentation throughout your construction project by utilizing RForm’s advanced features. Revolutionize your construction contract administration and enhance your overall project management effectiveness with RForm today.

RForm’s Change Orders feature, encompassing Proposed Change Orders, Change Directives, and Cash Allowances, offers an all-in-one solution for efficient change order management. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and embrace a streamlined approach to construction contract administration. Experience the benefits of RForm today and take control of your construction projects with ease and confidence.

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