So how does RForm work exactly?

Reduces Administration

RForm reduces the noise of every day construction administration. RForm auto-assigns numbering to your construction documents, tracks change order values, records progress to date on certifications and much, much more. This coupled together with online access 24/7, rform becomes an important part of your office allowing you to focus on your design and business.

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"RForm makes it possible to do in 10 minutes what used to take an hour..."

"...the figuring of certificates for payment, transmittals for sending around shop drawings, and the process for issuing, processing and tracking costs for changes in the project is simpler and easier on all accounts. This makes it possible to be more productive and, by being more productive, I get be happier about my job and enjoy doing the things I like (architecting) and less of the things I don’t like (being an admin)."

—Toon Dreesen, B. Arch, OAA, MRAIC, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Dreesen Architect Inc.

Simple pricing

Can’t figure out the pricing of other contract administration software? RForm is priced per project with no limit on the number of project team members. Each project costs only: