RForm Construction Contract Administration software is an efficient, solution-driven management tool for Architects and Contractors, helping them to manage their contracts and project costs effectively, enabling them to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on actual design and construction tasks.

Schedule of Values

RForm’s Schedule of Values feature consolidates and tracks these costs in a seamless manner.

  • Schedule of Values is a comprehensive breakdown of construction project costs that is linked to the Certificate for Payment. This feature facilitates prompt identification of budget discrepancies, thereby empowering proactive cost management.
  • Categorizing line items allows a more organized approach to cost analysis.
  • It’s important to group similar costs together and separate distinct types of expenses for clarity.
  • Track the contract price, Progress to Date and Balance to complete

Certificate for Payment

RForm’s Certificate for Payment feature is an architect’s ally in streamlining the certification process.

  • The Certificate for Payment is a validation of a contractor’s progress claim and by automating the creation, review, and submission of these certificates, it saves architects significant time and mitigates potential disputes by boosting certification accuracy.
    RForm’s Certificate of payment reports on:
  • all previous claims and the current claim
  • allows you to accurately review the work done to date, aligned with the associated costs.
  • Listing of all Approved Change Orders
  • Listing of all Change Directives in process and claims to date
  • Listing of all cash Allowances in and remaining values
  • Automatic calculation of Lien Holdbacks
  • Add and track deficiency holdbacks

RForm Construction Contract Administration software is your efficient solution to navigating the complexities of construction project finances. With its key features – Schedule of Values and Certificate for Payment – it transforms the way architects manage project costs and certify progress claims.

Interested in experiencing revolutionary project administration? Discover more about RForm or test the software yourself. It’s time to redefine management in construction!

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