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Supplemental Instructions

Supplemental Instructions or Site Instructions are a vital part of the construction contract administration process, often used to effect minor changes in the work that do not involve adjustment to the contract sum or extension of the contract time.

Schedule of Values and Certificates for Payment

Unlock the power of seamless construction administration with RForm Contract Administration Software! Drawing from the best practices of AIA, CCDC, and other industry giants, our platform revolutionizes your payment documentation process. With the “Certificate for Payment,” authenticate and track payments corresponding to completed tasks and stored materials, ensuring precise financial tracking. Ditch complex accounting and …

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Changes and Cash Allowances

Changes and Cash Allowances As an Architect, Engineer, or Contract Administrator you have to deal with Change Orders, Change Directives and Cash Allowances—but that doesn’t mean your workflow has to be slow and inefficient. RForm Construction Contract Administration Software provides a tool for you to manage changes and revisions during the building process and the …

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