Form Architecture Engineering: Confederation College

Confederation College delivers exceptional services to the northwestern region of Ontario, with staff and clients driven by their vision of “Change Your Life through Learning”. On the forefront of technology and innovation in education, the College recognizes the need to embrace new opportunities to improve learning environments including two recent updates to Trades and Technology programs and services at the Dorion and McIntyre facilities – they’ve even incorporated a living wall to enhance the air quality and experience of the new student lounge.

Michelle Gibson, OAA, MRAIC, LEED™, Partner, Form Architecture Engineering

“It’s satisfying to know that every person working on the project has access to necessary information that is logged and assigned to it’s appropriate category.”

Michelle Gibson, OAA, MRAIC, LEED™, Partner, Form Architecture Engineering

REACH, which stands for Regional Education Alliance for Community Health, is the newest addition to the main campus, with three storeys of expanded programs in all fields of health and wellness. With a three storey atrium spanning across the width of the building, light plays an important role in the learning experience. These three projects all incorporate the use of the newest software including RForm and Revit, a three dimensional building information modelling software. With these technologies, the entire team was able to communicate effectively and ensure the projects success through clear and accurate documentation via website access.

Our Contract administrators, clients and consultants find that RForm addresses all administrative concerns with ease and accuracy and allows contractors have quick access to answers on site. RForm is our choice for administrative software and we welcome queries from any firm considering implementation..”
Michelle Gibson, OAA, MRAIC, LEED™, Partner, Form Architecture Engineering
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Simple pricing

Can’t figure our the pricing of other Construction Contract Administration Software? RForm is priced per project with no limit on the number of project team members. Each project costs only $29.95 per month.

$29.95 per month

No limits on project size, number of project team members or data storage.

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