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The renovation of a heritage building started with preparations to demolish some walls to accommodate a new room layout. Unfortunately, during the preparations the general contractor discovered that the building structure had deteriorated to the point where there would be serious structural problems if  the walls were removed. This discovery would result in additional construction …

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Liens – get paid

So what does a Mechanics lien have to do with construction? Aren’t mechanics supposed to only work on cars? Well, if you go back into the original definitions and history books, the term mechanic was originally used to define a person who performed work with their hands, or the modern day equivalent of a builder …

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Timing is everything

Money makes the world go round. This is particularly true when it comes to a construction project. Think of all the different stakeholders involved and the different financial requirements of each: Employees Sub Contractors General Contractor Owners juggling the financing Consultants and Project Managers Banks (covering everyone from employee mortgages, to general contractor loans, to …

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