Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market
The Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market
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The Halifax Farmers' Market is the oldest continuously running market in North America. The current location at the Keith's Brewery is the market's thirteenth location since its creation by Royal Proclamation in 1750. The new Seaport Farmers' Market will transform a former seaport terminal into a LEED Platinum ecological showcase on the Halifax waterfront. The new home for the market will be the centrepiece of the Halifax Port Authority's Seaport Development and cruise ship terminal, re-connecting the Halifax community with its very origins on the waterfront and showcasing Halifax as a smart city with a vibrant environment, economy and culture.

The new Seaport Farmers' Market will connect rural farmers and artisans with their urban brethren in a celebration of Nova Scotia ingenuity, culture and resources. The current mix of local primary producers and artisans will continue in its expanded premises specifically tailored for the Halifax Farmer's Market. The new market will operate daily and provide for twice the vendor and circulation area as its current location.

Sustainable Leadership: Locally-grown organic produce from farmers' markets is key to a healthy lifestyle and reduced environmental impact worldwide. The new Seaport Farmers' Market will expand upon this premise, employing high performance sustainable design principles to minimize energy use through daylighting strategies, hyper-efficient envelops, passive/active ventilation, efficient thermal delivery systems and renewable energy sources. C02 emissions from the New Seaport Market will be reduced by more than 80%, creating one of the most energy-efficient buildings in North America.

Water Conservation: City water use will be reduced by over 50% though the use of the green roof, rainwater collection and cisterns. Harvested rainwater will be filtered and used for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing, recycling room washing, exterior hose bibs, a bio-wall and rooftop irrigation requirements.

Rooftop Agriculture: The Seaport Farmers' Market will feature rooftop agriculture and farm demonstration projects on its green roof. Rooftop agriculture will serve to educate the community in sustainable farming practices as well as provide produce for sale in the Market.

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